Project development

October 2011-March 2012  

  • Research and synthesis of the typical moral issues and dilemmas of blogging and civic journalism. Identification of the new challenges in new media ethics in comparison with traditional media (paper, radio, TV).
  • Development of some approaches for the online media ethics:
  1. virtue ethics (S. Borden, D.A. Craig)
  2. phenomenological insights concerning the professional ethics (Husserl and the concept of ”Beruf”)
  • Discussions with the monitor (Cristian Ciocan) regarding the consistency of the theoretical foundation of the project and the possible improvements of the ethical approach.    
  • Writing an article for an international academic journal specialized in ethics and philosophy. The theme would be merely theoretical, concerning the revisions proposed for media ethics  .

April 2012-September 2012

  • Collaboration and experience changes with the Romanian centers for applied ethics, mainly with the Center for Research in Applied Ethics from the Faculty of Philosophy (University of Bucharest). –  the main topic of interest: the ethical management or how to create, adjust and enforce an ethical code and the efficient routines for the moral issues of the organization.
  • Identification of a corpus of cases in the Romanian online and traditional press, in order to test the relevance of our ethical approach: analysis of deontological issues in Romanian press, like; TVR 1 etc.
  • Participation in an international conference on ethics and communication (Gdansk, September 2012).

October 2012-March 2013

  • Analysis and comparison of Romanian and international laws, recommendations and deontological codes which apply to online journalism. – conclusion: there is a lack of updating of media codes for the online medium, but bloggers’ critique concerning the weak professionalization in online journalism could support in a peculiar way the ideal of self-regulation in media.
  • Dissemination of some of the ideas concerning the necessity of new ethical grounding and rules for online journalism (collaboration with the Romanian page of the website of the European Journalism Observatory)
  • Development of new and more appropriate tools for the online media ethics:
  1. the analysis discourse and the ethics of discourse in J. Habermas’ work.
  2. topics of research: the public space and the democratization by means of new media (P. Dahlgren)   

March 2013-September 2013

  • Writing an article for an international collective book specialized in the applied ethics in Romania (the book is to be published in Japan). The article focuses on the ethical and intellectual virtues in online journalism.
  • Preparing a new article from a the ethical discourse perspective on the interaction between journalists and readers in the comment forums of the online new press. – acquiring some base principle of content and discourse analysis. – adapting the ethical rules of the ”ideal speech situation” (Habermas) for the case of the comment forums in the online press.
  • Participation in two international conferences on communication and social sciences (Bucharest, March 2013, and Thessalonki, June 2013).
  • Dissemination of the ideas and new approaches in online media ethics in the academic field (personal communication at the Center for Research in Applied) and for the professionals (publication of an ethical ”manifesto” on the site of the Professional Journalists’ Association in Romania)

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